Stuffed red peppers £1.70 each
Cardamom carrots with a honey glaze and toasted sesame seeds carrots £1.20 a portion
Cous cous with fresh pineapples, sultanas and ginger with spicy sweet chilli. £1.00 per portion
Luxury Coleslaw £1.00 per portion 

Greek salad £1.20

Pasta and a red pepper salsa sauce with Parmesan cheese  £1.00 per portion

Roasted vegetable salad.
Aubergines, courgettes, peppers and red onions and fennel seeds in a basil  olive oil,
 garlic spices and lemon dressing drizzled with fresh yogurt. £1.00 per portion

Mung beans, red lentils, pine nuts, spinach, tarragon and garlic 
 £1.00 per portion

Nicoise salad £1 20 per portion
 French beans, lettuce, onions cucumber, cherry tomatoes olives and anchovies

Pears soaked in red wine and mixed spices served with creme fresh  salad £1.20 per portion

Sweet and sour beetroot salad
onion, garlic, parsley and capers  red wine  and honey dressing  £1.00 per portion

Sweet and sour courgette's £1.00 per portion
With a white wine vinegar, sugar, coriander and cinnamon dressing.

Chunky cherry tomato salsa £1.00 per portion
with cucumber, onions, in  chilli, dill and garlic

Tabbouleh £1.30 per portion 
Bulgar wheat, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, parsley, mint and lemon

Tangy pot salad £1.00 per portion

Potato and chive salad £1.00 per portion

Okra cooked in tomatoes with garlic,basil and coriander
 and coated in toasted sesame seeds  £1.20 per portion

Arabian eggs glazed with a sweet chilli  90p per portion 
served on a bed of citrus quinoa
Falafel burger £1.00 per portion
Served  with Tzatziki 

Strips of parsnips marinated in 
honey, lime and coriander £1.00 per portion

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